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Last Updated: May 29th, 2012 - 03:07:02 

Around the House  

7 Principles of Decorating
By Better Homes & Gardens
Apr 10, 2008, 13:22

7 Principles of Decorating

Ready for a room redo? Use these pointers as a guide.

  • Balance Is Everything. Use a mix of light and dark, big and small, patterned and plan for decorative harmony.
  • Shop at Home. Gather up the things that you love now in your home and use them to create a favorite new space.
  • Do a Quick Change. If the prospect of redoing a room seems overwhelming, start with a quick project. Success on a small scale like this will give you the confidence to tackle larger projects.
  • Emphasize the Smart Choices. If you use a dramatic color, use texture and interesting furniture arrangements to make the room's decor equal to its color.
  • Correct for Color. Neutral walls and window coverings may be a room's downfall. Warm up your space with a fresh soft wall color and dramatic window treatments.
  • Details Make the Difference. Create a comfortable space using hand-me-downs and stray pieces from other rooms.
  • Make It Your Own. Whatever you do, create a look that reflects your style and taste. From redoing a small entryway like this to moving every piece of furniture in a house, make sure you're creating something personal and comfortable for you. And when you're tired of a look, change it again!

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