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Last Updated: May 29th, 2012 - 03:07:02 

Around the House  

Temperature Controlled Faucet Light
May 5, 2008, 01:16

The Temperature Controlled Faucet Light is designed to determine the temperature of the flowing water and shine a corresponding stream of light that changes as the water temperature varies.

How Does the Temperature Controlled Faucet Light Work?

The Faucet Light replaces the aerator on the end of an existing faucet. When the water begins flowing through the device the technology inside is able to determine the temperature of the water. When the flowing water is cold, a blue light shines down through the water stream. When the water starts to get warmer (89˚F/32˚C), the light stream changes from blue to red to alert the user that the water is getting hot. When the water is off, the light goes off.

“It’s a product that we think is fun, funky and functional,” says Hog Wild President Joe Rooper. “It has a unique wow-factor that everyone enjoys, but is also very practical in helping prevent possible scalds or accidents.” Rooper says the light streams are an unexpected surprise and a real conversation starter.

The novelty of the Faucet Light also makes the bathroom more fun and therefore can help encourage kids to spend more time brushing their teeth or washing their hands. In addition to the safety factor the Faucet Light provides, it can also serve as a unique night light. For adults, the Faucet Light also adds a touch of fun and illuminated elegance to a bathroom or powder room. For seniors, it lets them know in advance when the water is getting hot.

The patented device is 2.5” long x 1.25” in diameter. It includes a set of two universal adaptors that fits virtually every US faucet and screws on in seconds. The product comes in chrome and brushed silver finishes and includes a set of button cell batteries in the product as well an additional set of batteries as replacements. Typical battery life for one set is around 4 months under normal usage. Battery replacements can also be purchased at most hardware and convenience stores.

The Faucet Light sells for $21.95 and can be purchased at specialty retailers in the US.

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