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Last Updated: May 29th, 2012 - 03:07:02 


Travel Packing Tips
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Apr 24, 2008, 20:31

The following packing tips come from customers of Briggs & Riley Travelware. Being seasoned travelers, these individuals have some interesting and easy to implement packing tips. There are also some great tips specifically for business travelers.

Travel Packing Tips

  • “Do what I call packing ahead: start a few days before your trip and as you think of things you need/want to bring either write them down or lay them out. This way you make sure you don’t forget anything in the last minute rush.”

  • “Lay everything out that you intend to take, and then remove one-third of it. This will eliminate ‘over-packing.’” Another respondent suggested, “To limit what I carry, I go through my bag a second time after packing to eliminate things that I might not need. Simple toiletries like tooth paste, mouthwash, and even white t-shirts can be purchased in small quantities after arrival at my destination.”

  • “Business travelers who frequent the same hotels can pack a bag or plastic storage box and leave it at the hotel until their next visit. In the interim, the hotel will launder, press and fold clothes as necessary, and hold them for you until your return. Slip the concierge $20 every now and then and you’ll be treated like royalty each time you visit and your property will be well protected for you.”

  • “I’m on the road constantly and I try to make the road feel as much like home as possible. I try to get hotels to give me the same room every time, of course, but I also carry a couple of pictures of my wife and a couple of pictures of my daughter in my luggage. I also bring a small iPod player so I can listen to my music. My desk – here in Minneapolis today – looks just like my desk at home or my desk in New York or my desk in San Francisco.”

  • “Pack EVERYTHING BLACK: black shoes, black undies, black clothes, black makeup bag. It never goes out of style, always looks clean, always makes you look slimmer, it’s good for every season, and it’s easy to accessorize with color. With black, you can travel for two weeks or two months with one little carry-on bag. You’ll look chic in NY or London or Kuala Lampur.”

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