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Last Updated: Jan 10th, 2011 - 11:11:15


Help Your Kids Catch The Reading Bug This Summer
Part 2

By Kathy Sena
May 10, 2008, 20:50 PST

Help your kids catch the reading bug this summer - Part 2

Help Your Kids Catch the

Reading Bug This Summer

Part 2

by Kathy Sena



Serve Up Some Excitement


Host a Book Themed Party for Younger Kids


















Serve Up Some Excitement


Fortunately, a trip to Europe isn't required. Just trying something new exposes kids to fresh experiences. Checking out a local dog show, attending a bluegrass concert or picking your own peaches at a nearby orchard (and making your own pie, with your child reading the recipe) can, on a follow-up library trip, whet a kid's appetite for books on golden retrievers, banjo picki, farming or baking.


One of my favorite childhood memories is of the family trip we took to Hershey, Pennsylvania to tour the world-famous chocolate factory. I can still picture the huge vats of chocolate with the swirling wooden paddles. The street lights made to resemble foil-covered Hershey kisses. The conveyer belts running everywhere. (And, of course, the free samples.) That simple one-hour tour sparked my life-long fascination with 'how-things-work' books. Now, 30-some years later, I'm sharing those books with my son.


Host a Book Themed Party for Younger Kids

Encourage guests to dress as their favorite book characters. Play games and eat foods featured in the book. Alice In Wonderland is always a favorite, and it offers lots of easy-to-make costume ideas. Be sure to serve tarts and 'pretend' tea.

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